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About this Site

Dear Neighbor,

Jefferson Park United is the name of a block club that was active in the first part of 2010, but has become inactive. I am hoping to continue the mission of that group online by making it easier for more people to hear about issues and opportunities in Jefferson Park. This site is being built by your neighbor, Norman Gilmore (me), with the intention that it will soon grow to be a robust place where we discuss issues, collaborate as neighbors, and share information.

This is not a blog where all the articles will be written by one or two people. It will be set up for us Jefferson Park residents to communicate with each other. We do have various block clubs, such as Nosey Eye, Jefferson Park Neighbors, and Coalition Crime Watch, and those groups and any others advocating for Jefferson Park are encouraged to use this site to announce their meetings and events.

Features that are ready for use now include:

  • Discussions
  • Jefferson Park Mailing list for monthly updates and important news (subscribe or see top of page)
  • A place to find useful updates related to Jefferson Park

I will be adding features to this site over time, for example, I know photo sharing is popular, and we need to be able to upload pictures such as missing pets, houses for sale, and showing off our garden produce!

We did have a nice online community going at the Jefferson Park Ning website. We had some excellent participation. However, I had reservations about the limitations and inflexibility of the Ning service. Then in mid-2010, Ning eliminated the free plan and took away a lot of the free features we had been enjoying, such as the groups.

Once I have a similar set of features set up on this site, I will encourage a migration from the Jefferson Park Ning over to this site, and I will shut the Ning down before June 2011 when the first year paid service runs out. I will transfer all Jefferson Park Ning members' emails to this site Newsletter, so I can keep you informed of site news and improvements and let you know when the Jefferson Park Ning is officially superseded.

Check out our discussion forums here.

If you want to participate, join now and create an account.

You can start a forum conversation by clicking the Create Content link on the right menu when you are logged in, and then clicking Forum topic. Please choose an appropriate forum for your conversation from the drop down menu. If you have ideas for more discussion areas, send me a private message (Select category "Questions about this site") or post publicly in the Questions and Suggestions forum.

Your neighbor,