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OIL: LATIMES South LA Opposes Burner

See the LA Times August 17, 2015 Story About the FMOG Burner at the Murphy Drill Site:

South L.A. residents resist oil firm's plans to burn gas at drilling site

 “…Community residents are challenging the [FMOG] plan, arguing that it is wasteful to burn gas that could create electricity. And they are pressing for the city to scrutinize the environmental effects of drilling at the site — with or without the new burner.”

“No matter how low the emissions, however, the burner is ‘not making any good use of the gas,’ said Jack Brouwer, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UC Irvine, after learning about the planned project. ‘It may have features that do produce lower emissions than a typical flare, but it essentially is a flare.’"

See the Al Jazeera America segment that aired on August 14, 2015:

Is Los Angeles Giving Oil Drilling In Neighborhoods a Pass?

What is environmental review?  See the attached CEQA FAQs…   

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