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June 4, 2015: UNNC Oil Meeting

WHEN:          Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 7pm.

WHERE:        CD10 Field Office (1819 S. Western Enter on S. Manhattan Place, just one block west of Western Avenue.)

WHY:            NEW INFORMATION - Ask UNNC to change its position to now oppose any installation of a CEB 800 gas burner

  Please see the powerpoint for NEW information about the FMOG project at the Murphy Oil site and parkland at 27th Street and St. Andrews!   BACKGROUND: New information revealed by FMOG during the May 12, 2015, Zoning Administrator hearing about the Gas Burner(CEB800):
  1. It appears that FMOG is planning a significantly different project than previously submitted.
  2. The installation of the burner in the park will provide the capacity to burn ALL gas (approx. 1 Million cubic feet of gas a day) produced at the Murphy (Gramercy & Adams) and the Jefferson/Budlong Drill Sites.
  3. FMOG presented new information during the May 12 hearing indicating that within 2 years it will lose the "historical exemption" under which it sells gas to the Gas Company and thus its ability to sell gas will be substantially impaired, creating a "new urgnecy" for FMOG to have the burner.
  4. We have found that the ending of the "historical exemptions" has been known since September 2011.
  5. Burning up to 1 million cubic feet of gas per day without generating electricity or anything useful is a huge waste.  It contradicts the Mayor's new sustainability plan. We should not accept it and thus need to ask UNNC to oppose it.
  • Attend the UNNC Meeting and ask UNNC to change its position to oppose installation of the CEB 800 burner.
  • Inform the community.  See the ppt presentation and outline of the new information about the burner.
  • Write to Council President Wesson and the Zoning Administrator to oppose FMOG's project.
Mr. Michael Sin Los Angeles City Planning Department Office of Zoning Administration 200 N. Spring Street, Room 763 Los Angeles, CA 90012.             Re: Case #ZA 15227(O)(PA5)
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