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Updates on Ralphs, 4th and Jefferson, and more...

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Not only did Expo line finally start running this year, we have other projects breaking ground already or soon.

  1. Ralphs and the former Rite Aid on Crenshaw and Rodeo are going to be torn down. That's why the Chinese food place closed (moving the lottery ticket sales to Earlez), and why Cameo Cleaners moved across Crenshaw and became Comet Cleaners. This project is called "District Square". Councilman Wesson and his staff have been working on this for several years. Look at this article for some amazing looking renderings. Hope it actually looks that good when done. According to this article, As of 2010, the plan included Target, Marshall’s, Ralphs, Ross Dress for Less and other retail outlets, including full-service restaurants.
  2. I went to a community meeting a couple weeks ago where Ralph's announced they will be spending $18 million massively upgrading the infamously weak Ralph's on Rodeo and LaBrea, which will be expanded into the old Treasure Hunt space. The Mid-Town Crossing Ralphs looked a lot better after a $5 million upgrade, so $18 mil should be pretty nice. However, Ralph's Southern California exec said they are NOT bringing back Ralph's to the Crenshaw and Rodeo location as part of District Square. I will see if I can find out any rumored starting time for when our Ralph's will be closed and groundbreaking started.
  3. But we are well on the way to having the Fresh 'n' Easy built at the corner of Jefferson Blvd and Crenshaw. Union Bank will move next door into the new building as well. This is a project of West Angeles Community Development Corporation, partnered with major Los Angeles developer CIM Group. United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council (UNNC) and the community had input into this project, and we did request and get some important design improvements, such as outdoor seating so you can eat your Fresh 'n' Easy food, bike racks, and better pedestrian activation of the design on the Crenshaw side (which is design code for a door instead of a blank wall.)

    In addition, West Adams Heritage Association fought to preserve the adjacent Union Bank building (the former Bank of Tokyo), which they described an example of mid-century modernism and culturally significant to the Japanese American Community. The developer/owner did agree to keep the front half of the building after much arm twisting and brinksmanship. Hopefully this building will be adaptively re-used as a restaurant or something and not sit vacant for too long. The developer had originally intended to provide more parking by tearing down the Union Bank building. Hopefully parking will be sufficient and won't overflow onto Bronson.

  4. Lyn on 4th Ave tells me that it looks like the 4th and Jefferson project continues to move forward and could be breaking ground soon. I will contact the developer tomorrow and ask for an update. See my January article for renderings and a lot more details on the history of this project.

Finally, if you want to learn more about bungalows, our neighbor Marina on 30th suggests you check out this site

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