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November Update

So now that Expo-phase 1 has been open for a few months it might be time for a short update. For those that didn't see the big news last week, the CA Supreme Court refused to stop construction of the already being built westward expansion of the line while the Rancho Park group, Friends for Smart Rail, continues pressing their lawsuit to stop at grade construction of phase 2 through their neighborhood. They want the whole thing below ground or nothing at all.

Also, the October ridership numbers are in and Expo continues to grow, closing in on the ridership numbers for the Orange Line busway in the SF Valley. What I find particularly interesting in looking at the numbers is what it shows about the ridership. Typically you see a very large weekday ridership, then a sharp drop off for Saturday, and a Sunday number that is about half the Saturday figure. Expo is showing a much smaller Saturday drop and Sunday numbers almost equal that of Saturday. To me that shows that at this point the people that are using the line are using it more for everyday getting around rather than commuting to work. Perhaps that will change once the line moves further west into the business centers of Culver City and Santa Monica but for now it appears to be just us residents making the line as part of our lives.

Now that the Expo line is up and running (with the second phase being worked on that will take it into Santa Monica), the MTA is continuing to "invest" in the Crenshaw/Jefferson Park area with plans to build a light rail system beginning at Crenshaw and Exposition and traveling 8.5 miles to connect with the Green Line, terminating at Imperial Highway and Aviation Boulevard; which will be the Aviation/LAX station. The other stations are Crenshaw/Exposition, Crenshaw/Martin Luther King Jr. (Baldwin Hills Mall), Crenshaw/Vernon (Leimert Park), Crenshaw/Slauson, Florence/West, Florence/Hindry (Westchester), and as stated, terminating at the Aviation/Century (LAX) station. Completion is estimated to be late 2019. For further information and details, please access the following link: