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Found Female Pitbull 4/2 in the Avenues

On Saturday afternoon 4/2, I found a young female pitbull, recently spayed (still sutured) with no collar on 3rd Avenue @ W 36th St. She followed me and my dogs home but would not get into my car so I could take her to the pound and see if she had a chip that the owner had registered. She is black (with a brown undercoat) and has a white chest that extends around her neck except for a black spot on the right side. Also has a white stripe down the middle of her face and frosting in her toes. Tail and ears are not docked.

I have not seen any signs posted for her on the street or at the pound. She is a sweetheart but obviously belongs to someone. For now she is being well cared for but I'm afraid she might have a cough. If anyone knows of a lost dog fitting this description, let me know - thanks.

Jim Lancaster, 30th Street