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About the UNNC Jefferson Park Ad-Hoc Committee

I want to provide you with some background on the UNNC Jefferson Park Ad-Hoc Committee so you understand why it was formed and what its goals are.


As previously reported, about half of Jefferson Park was designated as a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone by the City of Los Angeles in June of 2011.
Structures in the HPOZ are designated as Contributors, Contributor-Altered, or Non-contributors.

There is a Jefferson Park HPOZ Preservation Plan which explains the rules and guidelines about the process for planning and making exterior changes to structures in the HPOZ. (I say "structures" because the HPOZ applies to not just houses, but also some commercial and religious buildings as well.)

You can find the contributor status map, a list of houses in Jefferson Park HPOZ by historic status and many other resources on this website. I have recently updated all the materials, so it should all be 100% up-to-date.

Normally, after forming an HPOZ, the city appoints an HPOZ Board (unpaid volunteers of course). Because the Jefferson Park HPOZ is so large, with about 2,000 parcels, representing almost 9% of the 22,000 HPOZ parcels in the city, and because of the city budget crisis, the city has NOT appointed our official HPOZ Board yet.

When someone goes to get a building permit in order to remodel a structure in an HPOZ, Building & Safety informs them that their property is in an HPOZ, and should direct them to the appropriate person in the city planning department for further advice, which in our case is Lameese Elqura (213-978-1220).

City Planners are not able to run out to our neighborhood and do a site visit every time someone wants to make a change to the exterior of a property. So HPOZ Boards serve an important role as a liaison to the community in helping explain the Preservation Plan, advising on how to enhance the value of a structure through preservation, and suggesting ways to achieve the property owner's goals while remaining compatible with the character of our historic neighborhood.

So, lacking an HPOZ Board, and faced with potentially having Jefferson Park cases come through the UNNC Planning and Zoning Committee, the United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council recently voted to form an ad-hoc committee with members appointed that have qualifications similar to those required of a real HPOZ Board.

The purpose of the ad-hoc committee is to review "certificate cases" (which are larger projects), and ALL unpermitted work, and to help the property owner develop a work plan that complies with the Jefferson Park Preservation Plan. Because restoration/upgrades/development often impact neighbors, this committee also serves as a public forum where neighbors can discuss work that impacts them or the neighborhood.

This ad-hoc committee IS NOT A PERMANENT SUBSTITUTE FOR A REAL HPOZ BOARD, NOR DOES IT HAVE THE AUTHORITY OF AN HPOZ BOARD. Nonetheless, part of UNNC's charter as a neighborhood council is to advise the city on local issues. This ad-hoc committee may from time to time make a recommendation to the UNNC Governing Board, which the Governing Board may approve as a recommendation to the city, generally a recommendation that would go to the Planning Department or Office of Historic Resources.

It is hoped that our official HPOZ board will be formed in the next year or so, and the UNNC Ad-Hoc committee can disolve then.

Because UNNC is a public board subject to the Brown Act law on Open Meetings, agendas for the Ad-Hoc committee will be posted at the Jefferson Park Library (and 4 other locations in UNNC), as well as sent out via UNNC Agenda emails, which are also posted to the UNNC Twitter feed.

Jefferson Park Ad-Hoc Committee Members

UNNC Appointed the following individuals to the Jefferson Park Ad-Hoc Committee on April 25, 2012.

1.      Laura Meyers, ex officio as Chair of UNNC Planning & Zoning
2.      John Arnold, ex officio as Chair of UNNC Historic Preservation, architect active in historic preservation, resident
3.      Sandy Zalagens, real estate agent has restored two bungalows in Jefferson Park, and resident
4.      Carol Chacon Allen, architect, resident, and trained at the Gamble House as an undergrad
5.      Liz Eatman, resident, Professor at Art Center in Pasadena, interior designer, and her family is from this neighborhood
6.      Sheila Jones, resident, Ethics Professor at Mt. St. Mary’s college
7.      David Saffer, resident, active in preservation for two decades, active in WAHA

Thanks to these individuals for volunteering to serve on this committee.