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Murphy Oil Site

Articles about the Murphy Oil field on Adams in Jefferson Park.

ZA Hearing on 4th Ave: May 18, 2017

WHAT:  Zoning Administrator Hearing to review and rule on illegal oil well conversions and other violations at the 4th Avenue Drill Site.

DATE:            May 18, 2017

TIME:             9am   

WHERE:        City Hall (200 N. Spring, Room 1020)


The 4th Avenue Drill Site is located on Washington Blvd between 3rd and 4th Avenues, directly across the street from the LAUSD Carson Gore elementary school.

April 9, 2017: LA Times Reports 4th Ave Drill Site could be turned into affordable housing

The LA Times reported that Council President Wesson said "a new operator [of the 4th Ave, Murphy, and Jefferson Drill sites], Sentinel Peak Resources [SPR], has been talking with his office about closing the [4th Ave] site and cleaning it up. No official plan has been drafted and details are scant, but Wesson said he was “unbelievably excited” about the idea, arguing it could pave the way to convert other local drilling sites."  The LA Times also reported that Council President H.

January 17, 2017: Council to vote on 4th Ave Drill Site

City Council Motion for 4th Ave. drill site Nuisance Abatement Hearing:

Council President Herb Wesson will make a motion (attached) before Council directing LA City Planning to initiate a Nuisance Abatement Hearing regarding the 4th Ave. Drill Site.

The motion is in response to concerns raised by our community over the past year and through our Neighborhood Council (UNNC) about the operations and violations at the site as well as Planning’s unwillingness to uphold City code on oil and gas production.

[OIL] Murphy Site (Adams Blvd): Fight FMOG's Appeal to Install a Gas Burning Flare

July 28, 2016:  The Zoning Administrator ruled AGAINST Freeport McMoRan Oil and Gas’s (FMOG’s) proposal to install a CEB 800 natural gas burning flare to burn 400,000 cubic feet of gas per day in the parkland at the Murphy Drill Site at 2126 W Adams Blvd.  FMOG has filed an appeal to try to overturn the decision. Here are the basics of what you need to know, how to find out more, and what you can do, followed by a more detailed discussion of key elements of the case.

The most important things that you can do are:

July 14, 2016: FMOG Appeals Denial of Gas Burner

Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas (FMOG) appealed the Zoning Administrator's (ZA) denial of its proposal to install a CEB 800 flare to burn 400,000 cubic feet of gas per day at the Murphy Drill Site on Adams Blvd.  The ZA highlighted that the gas burner " not in the interests of the public’s health, welfare, and safety.

Details of the ZA decision to deny the gas burning flare proposal are here.   The FMOG appeal is attached.

BREAKING NEWS!!! City Denies FMOG Burner at Murphy Drill Site

June 30, 2016: The Zoning Administrator denied FMOG's request to install a CEB 800 flare to burn 400,000 cubic feet of gas per day at the Murphy Drill Site on Adams Blvd.  The ZA highlighted that the gas burner " not in the interests of the public’s health, welfare, and safety.

The Zoning Administrator in the Murphy Drill Site case:

[OIL] FMOG TO RESTART 4th & Washington OIL FACILITY? Update on Murphy case, CEQA, and FMOG

The UNNC will discuss updates on the Murphy case including the 4th Ave site and discuss additional actions for proper CEQA review.

Attend the UNNC meetings to hear about the plans:

WHAT:  UNNC Planning & Zoning Committee

DATE:  Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TIME:  7pm


Council President Herb Wesson supported our community opposing FMOG’s proposal to install a wasteful gas burning flare in the parkland (27th and St Andrews).  He recently submitted a revised letter (see attached) to the Zoning Administrator joing our community in OPPOSING THE INSTALLATION OF THE BURNER ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY including in the active work area.  In the attached new statement our council representative states:

OIL: LATIMES South LA Opposes Burner

See the LA Times August 17, 2015 Story About the FMOG Burner at the Murphy Drill Site:

South L.A. residents resist oil firm's plans to burn gas at drilling site

 “…Community residents are challenging the [FMOG] plan, arguing that it is wasteful to burn gas that could create electricity. And they are pressing for the city to scrutinize the environmental effects of drilling at the site — with or without the new burner.”

[OIL] 8/6/15: UNNC Supports Our Community

GREAT NEWS!  On August 6, 2015, the UNNC voted overwhelmingly to support our community.  Send your letter to the Zoning Administrator TODAY!!!

The UNNC Voted to:


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