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Links to maps related to Jefferson Park and Historic Preservation.

Appendix B Contributor Status Map

Updated April 1, 2012 with nine additional Altered Contributors

This map of the Jefferson Park HPOZ shows buildings that are contributors to the HPOZ in dark blue. Buildings that are still close to historic condition are called altered contributors and are shown in light blue. Buildings that have been substantially renovated over the years or are newer than the historic period of significance are shown in tan. Click on the image to open up a PDF version of this map. You can use your PDF viewer to zoom in to the map if you are looking for a specific address.

Appendix B Contributor Status Map

Jefferson Park Building Chronology Map

The attached PDF is a detailed map showing all the parcels in the Jefferson Park survey area, color coded by the time period built. This is Appendix C of the Jefferson Park Historic Resources Survey.

Los Angeles HPOZ Map October 2010

This map from the Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources shows the twenty-seven neighborhoods that have received Historic Preservation Overlay Zone designation as of October 2010.

Most are in the center of the city as shown in this cropped map. The PDF below shows all the HPOZs in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles HPOZ map October 2010

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